Did you know the Basis of Design (BoD) has evolved significantly throughout history? In earlier centuries, building projects relied on custom-made elements crafted from raw materials extracted from the earth. However, with the emergence of larger and more complex projects, such as gothic churches, the need for standardized elements became apparent. This led to the development of standard arches, windows, and stonework, particularly accelerated during the Industrial Revolution. By the 19th and 20th centuries, reliance on standardized building products became commonplace, simplifying the construction process and improving efficiency and quality. Looking ahead, the construction industry is moving towards Construction Assembly Modules (CAMs), larger off-site manufactured assemblies incorporating elements from various trades. This trend is expected to further streamline construction processes and increase efficiency and value. Overall, the history of BoD reflects a progression from custom-made elements to standardized building materials, driven by the need for efficiency, consistency, and quality in construction projects.