Did you know the BCE is difficult to achieve for a few reasons:

  • Complexity: It is a complex and sophisticated system that needs to be developed in a protected environment to avoid being papered over with workarounds due to time constraints.
  • Data silos: The construction industry is plagued by data silos, which makes it difficult to share information seamlessly between different software applications and project teams.
  • Standardization: Getting different companies to agree on and implement common standards, templates, and workflows is a challenge.
  • Technology: The technology required to support the BCE is not yet fully mature or widely adopted.

The CDE and the BCE are both cloud-based platforms that store and manage project data. However, there are some key differences between them:

  • Scope: The CDE is a more general-purpose platform that can be used for any type of project. The BCE is specifically designed for construction projects.
  • Functionality: The CDE provides basic data storage and sharing functionality. The BCE provides a wider range of functionality, including support for collaborative workflows, BIM, and modular construction.
  • Focus: The CDE is focused on data security and access control. The BCE is focused on improving project efficiency and outcomes.