Did you know that BuildUSA’s mission is important and on target with the evolving marketplace due to several factors: 

  • Addressing inefficiencies: The traditional on-site building process is known for its inefficiencies, miscommunications, delays, and cost overruns. BuildUSA recognizes these challenges and aims to introduce off-site construction methods, particularly modular construction, to streamline the building process and mitigate waste and delays. 
  • Embracing digital technology: BuildUSA acknowledges the increasing importance of digital technology in the building industry’s evolution. BuildUSA BCE environment aims to optimize the sharing of information, improve project efficiency, and enhance decision-making processes, and over the next ten years, simply be ready to support the growing wave of young building leaders (A/E/C/’s) as they start to takeover decision making.  
  • Catering to market demands: The marketplace is increasingly demanding high-quality buildings delivered in shorter timeframes and at lower costs. BuildUSA’s focus on integrated product development, project collaboration, and optimized building methods aligns with these demands, positioning the company as a solution provider to meet the evolving needs of the industry. 
  • Emphasizing sustainability and customization: BuildUSA recognizes the changing perception of modular construction and aims to counter the traditional misconceptions associated with it. By emphasizing the benefits of modular construction, such as reduced waste, lower environmental impact, higher quality, and limitless design opportunities,  
  • Collaboration and partnership: BuildUSA’s approach acknowledges the importance of collaboration and partnership in the industry. By fostering collaborative organizational models and integrated partner organizations, BuildUSA aims to bring together diverse skill sets, resources, and digital competence to drive innovation, efficiency, and adaptability in the evolving marketplace. 

Image from https://www.re-thinkingthefuture.com/designing-for-typologies/a9619-design-guidelines-sustainable-buildings-in-urban-context/