Did you know that supply chain engagement and collaboration during the early stages of procurement strategy development can greatly impact procurement and project outcomes. In the UK construction industry, investing in a collaborative approach and improving relationships across the supply chain is crucial for delivering a projected investment of $806.91 billion in infrastructure. Traditional transactional models often fail to engage the supply chain early enough, leading to a lack of collaboration and missed opportunities for valuable insights. Applying collaborative principles, such as relationship management, information sharing, and value creation, can save time and reduce risks in project delivery. Successful early supply chain engagement requires leadership commitment, effective relationship management, knowledge sharing, value creation, and the development of collaborative competencies. By adopting a structured and collaborative approach to supply chain planning, the construction industry can achieve greater value and support the transformation of the industry.

Image from https://bdcmagazine.com/2023/05/cesw-champions-the-value-of-collaboration-in-construction-industry/