Did you know that Common Data Environment also known as (CDE) is a cloud-based digital platform that functions as a central repository for all project data. It improves efficiencies and streamlines workflows through all phases of construction. Organizing a CDE depends upon setting up effective standards, workflows, and templates. The following factors should be considered when implementing a CDE:

A. Platform- A CDE should provide an open platform that integrates with existing software application and is compatible with current systems and processes. Further, a CDE can facilitate future technologies such as machine learning or AI solutions.

B. People- Skilled people are necessary to implement and support best practices for operating a CDE. Appointing an information manager can help ensure that best outcome.

C. Buy-in- Implementing an effective CDE may prove difficult without buy-in from key stakeholders. Running a pilot program to showcase the CDE’s capabilities can help win over skeptics.