Did you know that fragmentation within the construction industry arises from two areas within the traditional construction process; the construction work process where the most significant division is in the separation of the design and construction phase, and the construction structure itself? According to, Matec poor communication has been widely recognized as a major problem faced by the construction industry. Communication problems arise typically at the contractor-subcontractor-architect design interfaces. The flow of essential information between the relevant parties is very limited. 

We as an industry have struggled to improve productivity over the past decades. Several technologies can provide changes within the industry and create significant disruptive change. 

Some of the technologies include:

  1. BIM: It can support faster and more accurate design processes that can then support off-site component fabrication and whole-life management. 
  2. IT systems control and manage information within the supply chain that allows for quicker and more secure distribution. Businesses must use this to collaborate earlier and more effectively.
  3. New forms of collaborative contracts that support a team approach to contracting.

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