Did you know that collaboration is key to construction? When it comes to construction the biggest challenge is to deliver projects on time. Strong collaboration means increased productivity, decreased risk, and greater profits. It’s something every construction team should strive for. As any building professional knows that they are different kinds of roles in construction from architects to contractors and subcontractors, and if these players aren’t able to work cohesively, the project will suffer.

Autodesk and FMI Corporation reported that around 43% of the highest trust construction firms place collaboration as a central goal when working on a project. Every construction firm should make collaboration their main goal. 

Collaboration Benefits 

  1. Collaboration Helps Projects Stay On-Target
  2. Avoids Expensive Rework & Duplicate Work
  3. Keeps Projects Within Budget
  4. Reduced Waste
  5. Improves Innovation

There are a few tips to increase collaboration, for example, using the right technology. Cloud-based construction software ensures everyone can access up-to-date information from anywhere whenever they need it. The second tip is to use one platform where project data is stored allowing everyone to access that data and collaborate on it more easily. Do not use multiple spreadsheets, tools, and email threads, then collaboration will get messy very quickly. Lastly, starting collaboration early will help the project to achieve a better design, a stronger plan of action, and improved decision-making throughout all stages. 

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