There is an old adage “You Cannot Get There From Here”.

The achievements of other industry leaders in aviation, electronics, manufacturing and technology have improved product quality and increased both efficiency and value by orders of magnitude.

Within the building business, historical constraints (i.e. fear of transparency, fear of litigation, perceived competitive advantages, and fear of change) have clashed with a series of faulty software, business and collaborative platform models that have ensured failure. Comparable improvements cannot be realized by the building sector with point specific solutions. Pressure for change has been building for decades and will continue to grow. Increasingly it will be focused on a new audience. The changing demographics of industry leadership will not accept the status quo. Young professionals who have grown up with the internet, Google, Twitter, Facebook… are now entering positions of authority. Over the next ten years they will reject the antiquated building model and will apply pressure to change historic prejudices. Change, when it comes, will be swift and compelling.