The financial meltdown of 2008, combined with climate change and the growing worldwide effort to improve energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions and develop sustainable building models has served notice on many industries:
“Business as usual cannot be sustained and will not be supported”.
Today’s global market environment requires strategic thinkers at all levels of business and industry to be concerned with the efficacy of their business model. It demands that they consider: What business model and vision will be the driver in the coming years and decades?

By definition, the building process requires the highest levels of collaboration. All members of the community are frustrated with a process that lacks transparency and is a frequent source of business conflict. The industry acknowledges this dilemma, and although efforts are ongoing, to date little has been accomplished. The building process demands an integrated, inexpensive, and simple to implement solution. To date however, industry leaders remain bound by historical inertia that new systems have been unable to overcome. With deficient building performance research and analysis, increasing legislative mandates at all levels of government, and the current economic climate you have an environment that is ripe for change.