We understand that in today’s world of limited resources, shifting polices and reimbursement uncertainty, healthcare executives face many challenges in building successful leading edge organizations. Many industry drivers are difficult to predict or control but have significant impact on community relationships, service quality and financial performance. Limited internal management resources with ongoing day to day responsibilities are constantly challenged to adequately address unique situations without sufficient background knowledge, support and advice.



We are pleased to announce that Syntec Group and Hosking Healthcare is an alliance of two senior healthcare leaders (operating together as BuildUSA-Chicago) with significant industry knowledge, objectivity, integrity and trusted advisory insight. Our individual experience is supported by an affiliated team of senior content specialists in management, process design, facility planning and project execution in a variety of healthcare settings. As healthcare management consultants, we keep abreast of the dynamics and trends in the healthcare marketplace. Our healthcare planning focuses on the future not following our successes of the past.

Some of our services include:

  • Senior advisory
  • Second opinion facility review
  • Master facility planning
  • Merger operational/facility analysis
  • Performance improvement facilitation

(For a more detailed description of available services please visit:

When objective, seasoned planning expertise is needed, we are the group to consider. If there is an issue of immediate interest, please reach out and contact either one of us. One of us will be calling in the coming weeks to set up an introductory meeting to discuss any consulting needs your organization may be considering. We look forward to talking with you in the near future.