Did you know that much of the construction industry is siloed. To help with this, the Global BIM Network, aims to connect public sector representatives, multilateral organizations, and infrastructure funders worldwide to advance the digitalization of the built environment. The network seeks to leverage digital transformation through Building Information Management (BIM) to address infrastructure challenges and deliver socio-economic benefits. By adopting common processes and information structures, the industry can foster collaboration, share expertise, and create a digital built environment that goes beyond construction to include operation, maintenance, and the management of digital twins and smarter cities. In the United States, the National BIM Program has also been initiated to promote collaboration and innovation in the building industry, with the goal of streamlining processes, improving project outcomes, and driving efficiency. 

Picture from https://www.viewpoint.com/blog/scrap-the-silos-why-a-connected-construction-environment-is-necessary-for-anz-contractors-success