Did you know that the low productivity in the construction sector is due to the lack of standardized processes, and the low adoption of technologies. In construction standardization means the extensive use of processes or procedures, products or components, in which there is regularity, repetition and a record of successful practice.

Lack of standardization makes it harder for teams to communicate and many rely on paper notes and their own memory. Each additional device or piece of software makes the data your team works with less reliable and usable. Therefore Building Software makes standardization easy and ensures the team that they don’t have to deal with issues of organizations with too many programs, policies and procedures.

According to AutoDesk, there are benefits to standardization such as:

  1. Less burden on IT
  2. Better availability and access to information
  3. Scalability as your organization grows
  4. Opportunities for continuous improvement
  5. Increase in productivity from repeatability